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Welcome at the Institute of Digital Intelligence

Aan de slag met 21e-eeuwse vaardigheden

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Digital Intelligence

What you need to know, learn and do in a digitally connected society

The Dutch Institute of Digital Intelligence helps international educational organisations, governments and companies in developing 21st-century skills. The uniqueness of our approach is the integral vision and our unique range of trainings and tools. All are based on the successful book Digital Intelligence.

These days, much attention is paid to digital skills. Employees are in danger of missing the boat now that work is changing radically due to digitization. Organizations often lack a framework for strategic thinking, which means they rush into so-called button training. This is the road ‘above’. In practice, this road is difficult because of mechanisms that take place out of sight, below the waterline.

We walk the road ‘underneath’. This road seems slower, because we first mobilize the connecting and supporting skills. The advantage is that by working on ‘common interest’ and ‘ownership’ we want to develop digital skills on our own initiative. In doing so, they actively integrate their craftsmanship with new challenges. Our advice: ‘festina spring’. The road below may seem slower, but pays off better.

There are currently many organizations that use our models and the strategic framework to formulate their course and plan the development of employees, and educational organizations use them to purposefully incorporate the new learning area of digital literacy into the curriculum.

These are the problems we solve
Our vision can be reduced to three models, each of which offers insight into fundamental questions:
1. Why do we need new skills? [Historical Model]
2. What is the relationship between these skills? [Digital Expedition Model]
3. How do I learn these skills? [Model of the Four Seas]